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Kiesha Lalama

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“My passion is to live fully and with purpose. My mission is to inspire and educate dream chasers. My approach is to create pathways which expose, empower, and elevate aspiring hopefuls.”

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Episode 23 Patrick Mulvihill: Measure and Celebrate Small Successes

About This Podcast Pilot, Professor and Podcaster, Patrick Mulvihill talks purpose, leadership, education and passion. Patrick reminds us to measure and celebrate small successes. Subscribe To The Podcast Kiesha Lalama is an artist, professor, leader, and motivator to thousands of aspiring hopefuls. She is best known for her choreography: On stage: Broadway’s Jimmy Awards; Film:…

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What People Are Saying about Kiesha...

Kiesha’s vision, passion, and drive are deeply rooted in everything that she does. She is courageously dedicated to illuminating the pathway for those daring to dream and providing the spark to spread their wings and fly.

Kiesha always made me feel seen. I didn’t know for sure that I had real beauty inside of me or had the ability to be “special” but that didn’t last for long. You can always tell the difference when you’re being pushed with love and passion instead of with fear, and feeling that always made me realize that I had to be special if someone was rooting for me this much. I’m grateful for it to this day. So I’ll never stop, and will continue to root for others so that they know they have it in them too.

Kiesha Lalama is professional, kind, talented, and inspirational.  It has been a delight to work with her in her capacity as the choreographer of the Jimmy Awards.  The nominees learn so much from her each year.