Episode 20 Naila Ansari: What Gives You Joy?

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Artist, Educator, founder of “The Movement of Joy”, Naila Ansari asks three questions to help us consider notions of joy. What is Joy? When did you discover joy? When did joy discover you?

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Kiesha Lalama is an artist, professor, leader, and motivator to thousands of aspiring hopefuls. She is best known for her choreography: On stage: Broadway's Jimmy Awards; Film: Perks of Being a Wallflower; and Concert Dance: Dayton Contemporary Dance Company - Giordano Dance Chicago - Dance Kaleidoscope. Kiesha's focus is on her passion to live with purpose, and her intimate interviews with real people who share their stories and experiences will help you find pathways to perform at your best in any field. Kiesha is the mother of two amazing sons, Jake and Jax.

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