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for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 


for Dance Kaleidoscope 


for the August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble 



for Giordano Dance Chicago 



Video Highlights from 2007-2009

                                                                             *2007-2009 Reel edit by Dane Wagner


Choreography - Dance Companies 

2017  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company:  The Bench (NYC, APAP Presentations)

2016  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: The Bench (Six Week Workshop)

2016  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: Simpatico

2015  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: HeartShakes (Full Evening Dance Theater Production)

2015  Dance Kaleidoscope: Catapult  

2013  Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: Shed 

2012  August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble:  Torque

2011  Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago:  Alegria

2010  Missouri Contemporary Ballet:  Wish

2010  Houston Metropolitan Dance Company: Unsung Moment

2010  Houston Met Too:  Feel the Groove 

2009  Ballet Arkansas:  Pressing On

2009  Independent Project for Grier Gala:  Emergence

2008  Independent Project for Grier School: Rise

2008  Eisenhower Dance Ensemble:  Vicious Cycle

2007  Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago:  Let’s Play

2007  Houston Metropolitan Dance Company:  Jolt

2006  Independent Project for Jazz Dance World Congress:  Going, Going, Gone


Choreography – Point Park University

2017  Conservatory Dance Company: Flicker 'n Flow

2016  Conservatory Dance Company: FIVE 

2015  Conservatory Dance Company: Hoist 

2014  Youth American Grand Prix: Indiosyncratic Rising

2014  Conservatory Dance Company: All Together Now 

2013  Youth American Grand Prix: Gravitate

2013  Conservatory Dance Company: Sneak Peek 

2012  Conservatory Dance Company: Release

2012  Youth American Grand Prix: Adrift

2011  Youth American Grand Prix: Make Your Move 

2011  Youth American Grand Prix: Interconnect

2010  Youth American Grand Prix:  The Intruder

2009  Youth American Grand Prix:  Patterns

2008  International Summer Dance:  Movin’

2008  Conservatory Dance Company: Auspicious Encounters

2007  International Summer Dance:  Loosen’ Up

2007  Conservatory Dance Company at the Byham: Jolt

2006  International Summer Dance: Patterns

2006  International Summer Dance: What Did You Say? 

2006  Conservatory Dance Company: Going, Going, Gone

2006  Conservatory Dance Company:  Energy P

2005  International Summer Dance:  Momentum

2005  Conservatory Dance Company: A.W.E. 

2004  International Summer Dance:  The Hunt

2004  Aids Benefit:  Raw

2003  Conservatory Dance Company:  Stolen Kiss


Choreography – Guest Artist for University and Schools 

2017  Dayton Dance Conservatory Company: KaTwidl

2016  Grier School: Resurgence 

2015  Grier School:  Entwined 

2015  Thomas Studio: Breakaway

2014  Grier School: To The Light

2013  Wright State University: Clairvoyance 

2013  Morgantown Ballet Company: Through (selected for National Festival)

2008  Fluidity Dance Company:  Letting Go

2008  Wright State University:  Wonderfunk

2005  Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet:  Flow