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The Bench - Journey Into Love 

                             A theatrical experience based on real life events 

                                                                                        2016 WORKSHOP in partnership with DCDC 



The Bench, Journey Into Love is a whimsical love story set in various areas throughout a grand outdoor park.  This timeless, theatrical experience cleverly weaves an innovative balance of story-driven dance, poetic lyrics, and soaring musical melodies.  Emotions run wild, as relatable family moments strike a chord and ignite the fires of the heart. 

Storytellers illuminate this journey as Fate and Destiny to guide one loving couple towards a life lived with love. The Storytellers, along with their faithful Spirits, mystically manipulate the couple, creating paths that will hopefully provide them with a bigger, better, stronger, fuller heart.

The journey begins with a serendipitous encounter that connects the charming, Antonio to the beautiful, Eva.  A hilarious tango-twisted first date evolves this blossoming connection into a passionate and devoted relationship. Time passes, as the complex personalities of their children and eccentric family members impose new obstacles that challenge Fate and Destiny at one unforgettable family dinner.  The drama unfolds and the family endures the aftermath of miscommunication. 

Antonio is found reflecting and battling his inner struggles.  Eva appears, embracing a woman’s intuition to provide motherly advice. All while the Storytellers immerse themselves in tending to their emotional needs. A glorious wedding rich in family traditions and cultural themes provides hope for these troubled hearts to find acceptance, unity, and love. 

Seasons pass, the family tree evolves, and traditions are handed down as this unique, emotionally stimulating journey inspires self-love, family-love, and universal love.


The Journey - The History: 

                                                         2009- 2010 Highlights from Point Park University 



                                                                          2013 Workshop Highlights from Boise, ID




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The Bench


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